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News Directly From Serration
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News About The Upcoming CD

Here is a little info on our upcoming 5 song cd. We are shooting for an april recording session with Dan BTB recordings(he recorded Enter the Chapel). It will be produced by our good friend Mictian(Permanent Midnight)! It will have 4 originals(one of which is High on Homicide) as well as one cover song. We arent sure what song yet poss. Toxic Waltz by Exodus or something from Slayer haha.

The cd will be called High on Homicide. A good friend of ours and a very talented artist,Amanda, is doing the cd cover for us. With her talents it should be a killer cover!! Thank you Amanda for helping us out. It is very very much appreciated.

Once a def. recording date is set and we are 100% positive on the songs we are going to record we will post and update.

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