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The Most Recent News

Well the new CD will now be delayed because Killing Chapel is making it better. It should be an amazing CD when it's done :)

The new CD will be out on June 30!!!!!

Tim Clouser will now be playing bass for Killing Chapel!

Due to circumstances Joe Lee will not be playing bass for us. Woulda been great having him play but life has a way of fucking up great things lol. Joe if things change you are always welcome to play bro!

We will be taking roughly a 3 month break from playing shows starting in July. Kerry Jr. will be having surgery to correct his hip and will be laid up for about 3 months. But once he is healed up we will be back to THRASH!


Killing Chapel's Enter The Chapel CD has been reviewed in the May issue of Metal Maniacs' Firing Squad. It should be on newsstands on March 8th. Serration has no idea how they got ahold of Enter The Chapel but they're happy about it. Once I see the review I'll put it up on the site.

Upcoming Shows
When: October 27, 2007; doors open at 5:30
Where: Phillips Emporium, Bloomsburg PA
Cost: $6
Description: 3+ hours of evil. KILLING CHAPEL,Heavy Meat Love,Unholy Sanktum and 1 tba(Hopefully)

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