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Enter The Chapel
2006 Wolf's Lair Records

Track List:
Pray To See The Day, Chaos & Fire, Unholy Swarm, Vilent Dementia, Reign Among The Dead

Comments: The sound quality is way better than the Demo because it's professionaly done. Kerry's and Eric's  voices matured over the few months it took to make Enter The Chapel and you can notice the big difference between Enter The Chapel and Demo. The songs on Enter will blow you away!
Favorite Song: Violent Dementia

Killing Chapel Demo
Indie, 2005

Track List:
Born Again, Lord Of New Faith, Die Without A Savior, Return To My Corpse

sound quality isn't so great on this demo because it wasn't  done professionally but that doesn't stop Killing Chapel from doing a hell of a job. If you could get your hands on this sucker then you'd be in heaven. With Kerry's death metal growls and Eric's falsetto screams it's the CD you'll fall in love with. Of course Eric's not in the band anymore but you could still listen to Killing Chapel's earlier stuff.
My Favorite Song: Die Without A Savior

High On Homicide
Track List: High On Homicide, Await To Tear, Hide Behind The Cross, Never To Return, Lord Of The New Faith, Dead Skin Mask, Shredded Humans
Comments: This CD is completely amazing. I got to hear an unfinished version of it and it's the best thing I've ever heard. Kerry's experimental vocals, Nick and Kerry's wicked guitar solos, and Jeremy's awesome drum beats makes this CD the best there is. Lord Of The New Faith is a favorite that has been redone to give it some flava. You could hardly even call it the same song. Dead Skin Mask is a cover from Slayer. The song would not be complete without guest, Samantha Dennis. Shredded Humans is another cover but done by Cannibal Corpse. Also, it's rumored that one of the songs will have a special intro to it.
Favorite Song: High On Homicide
Favorite Cover: Dead Skin Mask
Release Date: By the end of June

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