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Warning: this is a total mess until I get the actual one from the Big Cheese

They started as a local band with only one small intention--to make good music. Now Killing Chapel has many fans and is playing in many places all over the area such as the Bodog Battle of the bands last year at the North Star Bar in Philly.

Killing Chapel was formed in 2003 by Eric Becker,Kerry Dennis Jr.,Jeremy Price and Justin Brunt. They were originally called Malicious Reprisal. Present members of the band include:Kerry on guitar and vocals,Nick on guitar,Tim on bass and Jeremy playing drums.

They have 2 cds, Enter the Chapel (which was reviewed in Metal Maniacs mag.)and the "to be released shortly" cd, High on Homicide. They are a thrash metal band with some death metal added. Heavily influenced by Slayer.

As you read this, Killing Chapel is hard at work, developing new material and seeking opportunities to deliver it live to eager metal fans all over the world. They have an upcoming show Aug 17th opening for the Death Metal / Grindcore band Mortician and Rumplestiltskin Grinder at the Sterling Hotel.

Killing Chapel digs deep beneath the surface...exploring the twisted desires of humanity and confronting the harsh realities of existence in the world in which we all must live.

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